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About Us

- Message From CEO -


Founder and CEO

The current market scenario in India is dynamic and invigorating. With online players creating newer markets and offline players rapidly developing their business to stay competitive, the business environment is conducive to growth, innovation and experimentation.

To specifically point out, for the e-commerce players the greater assortment of products, reduced search costs, and ability to offer hyper-competitive prices works as an advantage. For the offline players, the ability to be a high-touch service point, trust and instant gratification work as immediate/added benefits.

The business that can seamlessly bring together the best of these two worlds can result in powerful customer propositions and market creations of the type that has never been seen before.

This is Industricals!

- Who are We? -

Industricals.com aims to bring together all industrial, electrical, MRO products and more under one roof that are used in manufacturing, construction, maintenance, services and commercial operations. The business is targeted at, but not limited to, small, medium and large-scale businesses, contractors, professionals (architects, interiors, electricians), traders, retailers and individuals.

We understand the business of industrial and electrical supplies and we endeavour to be the one-stop shop for all the buying needs in this space.

"You can either ride the wave or get trampled. Old companies are dealing with destruction and not disruption"

- Core Values -





- Members of the Joint Venture -


Shree NM Electricals, India's largest distributor of electrical supplies is the backbone of Industricals. Founded in 1930, the ShreeNM network spans across 13 states, 20 offices and 21 warehouses. The company is trusted as a 'fair value' distributor. Armed with in-depth know how on the needs of the B2B customer, technical knowledge of the product, taxation and excise gate-pass working in our country, Shree NM has successfully served over 22000+ customers in the last two decades alone.


Unilog is the technology partner and provider for Industricals.com. Founded in 1998, they are a global technology company specializing in e-commerce and product data management in the B2B marketplace. Headquartered in Bangalore, with local offices in Mysore and Philadelphia, Unilog was named one of the "50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies" by The Silicon Review in 2015. Their clientele includes Fortune 500 companies such as Grainger, Staples and CVS Pharmacy among others.