Changing Face of Home Electrical Equipment

Overview: Owing to a constant urge for betterment a lot of changes take place all the time. If we look at the Railway trains from the old times and then observe Metro trains of today, we instantly notice the difference in the two. Former one was only a mode of transport for the masses, but the latter one is a more comfortable and faster means to get from point A to B. Technology, at some level as made life easier and by some extent more comfortable.

Technological development has touched almost all the sectors of industry and hence modern day rovers and driverless cars are closer to reality than just a concept. This technological advancement has affected the gadgets and equipments, we tend to use in our very own houses too. Especially considering the stressful and fast life that we have today, these gadgets make our lives a bit more bearable, but the change has taken place at the most basic level.

Electrical equipments like bulbs, tube lights, house wires, electrical sockets and switches, circuit breakers and other equipment like ceiling fans have undergone a lot of changes which can only be understood if one tends to look a bit harder.

Household electrical equipment: To connect the external electrical grid with the electrical equipments inside the house a complex but organized wiring architecture put into place. These wires are responsible for distributing the electricity to all the gadgets, safely. The wires that are used can be called as house wires and have certain special desirable qualities. Housewires typically tend to be flexible and hence can be used in a lot of tight spaces and come with a noticeable bright coloured outer insulation for better identification. The real advancement has occurred in the materials that are used in making these wires. Copper has been the most favoured conductors to be used inside the wires, but the outer insulation has a many new properties. Insulations now come with fire retarding capabilities as well as low or zero smoke emissions. Due to fire retarding qualities electrical fire, if initiated will tend to spread at a very low speed. Low smoke emissions are typically useful as it keeps the visibility clear in case of a fire, making evacuation a lot simpler.

A typical incandescent bulb has been replaced by CFL and LED bulbs. Use of the poor incandescent bulb which served us faithfully for a very long time has reduced drastically due to the introduction of newer and more efficient options. CFL and LED bulbs have a brighter white light and tend to have a longer life span which makes them a very much desirable option. Similar to light bulbs, tube lights have undergone a similar change where the bulky frame and starter have been eliminated or reduced in size very much.

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Improved safety quotient:  Due to the use of new age materials, electrical wires have become safer. Fire retarding and low smoke capabilities of the wires make them an ideal choice to be used inside the houses. These wires are made up of materials which do not emit black smoke which acts as a challenge in evacuation act and toxic fumes which can cause serious problems to the people of inhaled.

Design changes: These electrical equipments have become a major factor in the overall design aspect of the house. It is easily possible to select a ceiling fan according to the colour that suits the walls and the overall theme of the house. Big, heavy and boring looking fans are long gone and have made to more fancy, purpose built fans. Similar to ceiling fans the electrical switches and sockets have undergone a change too! Switches and sockets come with a modular touch and hence can be matched with the interior design of the house. One can choose for a wide variety of switches and sockets and still be left with a lot of designs. Visit to buy modular switches and ceiling fans online that  too at a click of a button.

Energy efficiency: A tremendous change and improvement that has taken place across all the modern electrical gadgets is the amount of energy these equipments consume. A lot of research has undergone into engineering the most energy efficient gadgets keeping in mind the end customer who has to bear the pinch of the ever increasing electricity prices. Here in India, all the electrical gadgets like Refrigerators, Air conditioners and washing machines come with an energy star rating, which discloses how efficient the gadget is and how many units of electricity will it consume per annum. Depending on this rating the consumer is made aware of the consumption and can choose a particular gadget accordingly. Newer LED lighting accessories inside the house like bulbs, tube lights, and small chandeliers are way more efficient than the incandescent counterparts thus, saving a lot of energy. Ceiling fans are made up of a lighter material, energy efficient motor which consumes less energy and moves a lot of air, making it way more efficient than the old heavy fans.

Inverter technology is included inside refrigerator and air conditioners which are responsible for reducing the power consumed by the gadgets. Compressors inside these gadgets work in tandem with the load, when load reduces compressor speed is reduced and load increases the compressor speed is brought up to speed.

 Effect of advertisement: Television has established itself as a huge medium of information transfer in the form of various advertisements, documentaries and other informative shows. Advertisements from various brands related to household electrical equipments have a huge impact on consumers. These brands develop smart advertisements where they tend to explain the important and the latest features of their products. Brands like Havells and RR Kabel have a smart string of advertisements which talk about fire retarding house wires. Brands like Syska and Philips have multiple different advertisements explaining the features of their household lighting equipment. Such advertisements have a humour to them, but essentially showcase the latest technology big brands have to offer. A common man may not know anything about the fire resistant wires or low smoke wires, but can easily associate with a tagline like “cables that don’t catch fire from Havells”. Latest and most advanced equipment tends to make way into our houses due to the impact of such advertisements on the consumer.

Smart lighting: Lighting sector has seen a lot of advancement and that it is an interesting fact. Wireless control of interior light and ambient lights, programmable lighting modes and most importantly, it works with your cellular devices via an app. Long time ago when the first incandescent bulb was invented, who knew all the way in 21st century, similar lighting modules will be used and controlled wirelessly. Brands like Philips has a range of lighting modules called as Hue, Syska has a Wi-Fi enabled lighting bulbs and many other brands have a similar lighting option too. One can easily choose from a wide variety of options and customize the lightings inside the house.

As mentioned earlier innovations like these make our lives a bit easier and increase the utility of these gadgets and equipment tremendously. More innovations like these in the future will improve our lives tremendously in the future.

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