What is the difference between Single core cables & Multi core cables?

Cables are used literally everywhere, from Factories to parking lots, streets to malls for transmitting electricity or telecommunication signals. All electrical gadgets, machines and computers have one thing in common i.e. cables. Cable construction varies according to the application and the condition it might be used in. All cables generally have a core or a conductor, an insulation material, a jacket and armour.

Single core cables and multi core cables have different construction and application area. Single core cables as the name suggests have a single conductor usually made up of copper or aluminium and insulation around it. Even though it has a single conductor its gauge and thickness can differ. Larger the diameter of the cable lesser the flexibility achieved from it. Now, conductor in these wires can be a solid or stranded in construction. Solid single core cables have a good level of rigidity and toughness to it but are less flexible than stranded construction. Single core cables can sometimes be chosen for particular applications due to it being less costly and are rugged in construction. Single core cables can be chosen at times when duct size is small or where a longer cable is required between joints.

Single Core Cable

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Multi core cables on the other hand have more cores in it as compared to other wires of the same type. Multi core cables have its cores grouped together in a single cable where these multiple cores carry out its own defined purpose. Multi core cables can be be used for power transmission or data transmission. Due to multiple cores grouped in a single cable these multi core cables split at the end of so as to be connected to their respective functions. Multi core cables can have a heavy duty jackets to protect it against the environmental elements and other harmful factors but this adds to the overall weight of the wire considerably.

Multi core cables being versatile in nature find application in various fields like automobiles and industrial facilities. These cables prove to be of tremendous help in places where space is limited.

Multi Core Cable

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