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Free Shipping on all orders over ₹10,000

Sorry, the website is under maintenance and should be back soon. We request you to email us your requirements on support@industricals.com, with the unique ID (CatRef or IPN) of the product you are interested in.

Delivery Speeds & Charges

As we are in our Beta phase, you will be happy to note that we are offering Free Shipping on all orders over Rs. 10,000/- in Maharashtra.

Shipment Time

The estimated shipment time for each of the products is mentioned on the website and will normally be as per the following:

Fast moving items 2-3 business days
Slow moving items 1 Week
Very Slow moving items 3-4 weeks

Estimated transit time is dependent on the distance between the destination of the shipment and the seller?s location and will normally be as per below:

Metros ( Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune) 1-2 business days
Remaining Cities in Maharashtra/Karnataka/Goa 3-7 business days
Deliveries to very remote locations such as the North-East depends on the location's geographical constraints. 5-7 business days or longer

  • The seller of the product
  • Product's availability with the seller
Deliveries to very remote locations 1 week or longer (Depending on location's geographical constraints)

As a cautionary tale, we'd like to add that estimated shipping time is dependent on:

Staying true to our policy of 'honest pricing', we are working on managing our efficiencies better so that, you, the customer is always in a position of power when shopping with us.

Be rest assured that we continually work to getting the best deal for shipping possible by negotiating and ensuring bulk discounts by our logistics partners.